Mediterranean Yacht Charters

A Mediterranean luxury superyacht charter vacation includes such places as France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, and Sicily. The West Mediterranean is the most famous and popular charter cruising ground in the world for large luxury super yachts. This is because locations are easy to get to from European and American centres and also because these locations are unequalled in their natural beauty, cultural heritage, passion, glamour and style.

The Mediterranean has always been very historically significant and today it remains a feast of culture, history, sophistication and stunning beauty. The sunny Western Mediterranean sea is lipped with stunning beaches, hidden coves and majestic ports - all with a well known reputation of unrestrained energy and fantastic cuisine. This fabled luxury yacht charter area provides the untamed extravagance of the French Riviera, the gravity defying architecture of the Italian coasts, the fragrant orange groves of Spain and rustic seaside restaurants serving famous Mediterranean cuisine.

When chartering a yacht on the Côte d'Azur many like to become involved in the excitement and frivolity of Monaco – a destination synonymous with the annual Monaco Grand Prix in may, superyachts, the casinos and the decadence. Monaco is a hub of wealth and glamour and very much a must see.

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